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COVID-19: More people in hospital, but fewer confirmed as positive

COVID-19: More people in hospital, but fewer confirmed as positive

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases

April 27, 2020

Ontario confirms eight novel coronavirus cases with one death. The Halton County Health Unit confirms two more cases: a Halton woman and the husband of the Halton woman. The woman in Durham is a family member.

Public Health Ontario urges people not to get tested or self-isolate for the virus.

“We need people at home,” Dr. David Williams said Thursday. “I cannot stress this enough… We are testing more than we are finding. The number of our tests is increasing, but the number of positive tests is increasing as well.”

That means that while there are more people being brought into the hospital to be tested for COVID-19, there are fewer being confirmed as positive. Public Health Ontario reported four additional cases in the last 24 hours, and one additional reported case in the last 48 hours. This brings the total of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario to 30.

Of those confirmed, seven are in hospital, including three in intensive care and one in the ICU.

Dr. Williams said the total number of hospitalizations is still three, but is shifting towards severe cases.

All nine patients are stable, and five have been discharged.

The four positive cases are in Hamilton, Burlington, London, and Brampton.

The most severe case involves a 53-year-old woman who is pregnant. She was admitted to hospital April 3 with a fever and cough. Then on April 9, she was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital in Burlington, where she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The woman had a high fever and chest tightness. She has been receiving symptomatic treatment from her general practitioner.

She is now in stable condition at the hospital.

In the case of the Halton woman, the husband is also in the ICU.

“As of last night, our husband is stable and in good condition,” a friend wrote on Facebook. “A couple of days ago, our neighbor with our daughter was the same way, so

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