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Kate Hudson is a co-parenting mom with three dads

Kate Hudson is a co-parenting mom with three dads

Kate Hudson on co-parenting her three children with three different fathers: ‘I feel like we’re killing it’

The ‘Hollywood Diva’ co-parenting her three children with three different fathers

When it comes to having a relationship that is not just a love affair, Kate Hudson has been no stranger to the idea of parenting with three dads.

In fact, Hudson once said in a 2009 interview with Ellen Degeneres that when she was pregnant with daughter Olive, she hoped that Olive would be the child of three men who each contributed a small amount of money to the child’s college fund.

While Hudson will have to share the screen in the biopic I’m Not There, she will also feature in a documentary film centered around her relationship with co-parenting with the fathers of her three children, which will be narrated by her husband, Ryan Reynolds, through their production company, the Reynolds Company.

“There are times when I feel like we’re killing it,” Hudson said on the red carpet Sunday night for the premiere of I’m Not There, which will be released on Jan. 31. “There’s another time when I feel like we’re creating it.”

“Some of the ideas we’ve had are a nightmare,” she said, “and some of them are really great. But I think it’s important for both Ryan and I to put into context what it is to be a co-parent and how to deal with that.”

Hudson also had a few choice words for her mother, who she called a “diva.”

“I remember, on that red carpet, I just thought, ‘This is so cool. This is a moment of recognition for moms of kids who have three dads,” she said. “This is the first time it’s coming up in interviews.

“This is so cool because all moms of kids that have three dads, they don’t have a moment to talk about it. We’re not allowed to talk about it. They’re not allowed to talk about it with their husbands. You can’t talk about it in their family.”

Hudson has two older children with her husband, Jason Sudeikis, and one child each with ex-husband Tommy Lee Jones and actor David Carradine. Hudson’s four-year-old daughter Olive is the subject of director and co-

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