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Los Angeles County reports a surge in coronavirus cases

Los Angeles County reports a surge in coronavirus cases

L.A. County coronavirus cases, hospitalizations rising as Thanksgiving nears

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County reported a surge in cases of the coronavirus, with the number of infected patients increasing as the holiday weekend approaches.

The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus rose to 41 over the last 24 hours, Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody said Thursday. That’s up from 35 on Thursday and 36 on Wednesday.

Los Angeles County reported a total of 4,867 confirmed infections, including those who tested negative by the state health department. That’s nearly 200 more than the total number of confirmed cases in Santa Clara County, which reported 3,929 cases as of Thursday afternoon, state data shows.

The numbers will climb as authorities ramp up the testing capacity and treat all those hospitalized in the county who test positive. Authorities have said that more than 9,000 people have been hospitalized in the county.

Earlier, the county announced it was taking measures to protect the public such as the closure of schools, restaurants and theaters.

The county health department was holding an emergency meeting Thursday to discuss the surge in coronavirus cases. They will be updating the public on the number of cases and will update the public on the next steps in the response.

The county has about 1 million residents. The vast majority of those who tested positive for coronavirus in the county have been in the West side of the county, including Beverly Hills. The health department has also confirmed cases in Orange, San Gabriel, Lakewood and Pasadena.

The virus causes severe respiratory conditions that can lead to pneumonia and death.

The county is trying to limit the number of people who are exposed to the virus. The health department said the number of cases has more than doubled since Friday.

A number of officials are also taking part in a task force for the county, which is tasked with the management of a surge in cases. There is a goal of decreasing the rate of growth.

An initial response to the coronavirus has included shutting down businesses and ordering non-essential workers to stay home. The county’s Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody said earlier Thursday that the county is asking people who feel unwell to stay home and that they should limit their movements.

The city of Los Angeles ordered all non-essential businesses to close at noon as the county prepared to ramp up testing capacity.

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