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Mayor Fernandez’s departure from the City Council

Mayor Fernandez’s departure from the City Council

Editorial: Time to go, Councilmembers De León and Cedillo

I’m pleased to have an opportunity to write this editorial on the end of a long time of Councilmembers’ terms and the beginning of a new era in the San Luis Valley.

Councilmembers De León and Cedillo have both served on this body for four years, each putting in countless hours and many days over the years and now each are ready to move on. It’s a decision I knew they’d come to, though I wish both of them all the best.

I thank them for their service on the Council. I’ve always been a supporter of the Council and have always had a great relationship with the two of them. I supported Cedillo when he sought the Vice-Mayor’s position with the Council and have worked hard with De León, as did much of the City Council, to make the city better. I believe they’ve worked hard and served the best they could during tough times.

Both men have been great legislators: De León at the Legislature and Cedillo in the City Council.

Here’s to a long partnership.

I want to recognize the work of my colleagues during the past four years and the way the Council has grown as one, a body that’s come together to help grow our community.

I also want to thank my successor who I believe will make a great Mayor. I’ll miss being on Council but have no doubt in my successor’s ability to be a strong Mayor.

I look forward to next Monday as the Council meets to vote on the new Mayor and his or her Council.

The new Mayor, Mike Fernandez, has served on the City Council for 30 years and is in a unique position. He’s a businessman who has been involved in the City for most of his life. During this last election season, he was the only Council candidate running for office who was not a member of the Latino Caucus. He has been very active, both on Council and on the ground, and is ready to lead the City through the challenges we face.

I know the city will be better for his leadership. I look forward to working with him and his team, as well as, his family, a team I know

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