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Stanford University Calls for the Hiring of All Undocumented Students

Stanford University Calls for the Hiring of All Undocumented Students

Students, Legal Scholars Push California Universities to Hire Undocumented Students.

Students at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Rutgers University, and other elite universities have lobbied for years to hire and promote undocumented students, saying their presence on campus would help the University become more inclusive of all groups.

In recent months, some of the nation’s most well-known research Universities, such as Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University, as well as many elite law schools, have issued statements in support of the undocumented students who make up the largest contingent of the current student population.

In a statement Wednesday, Stanford University’s College Republicans called for the hiring of all undocumented students after the school was criticized by the federal government and the conservative media for not hiring more.

“We agree that immigration reform is a necessity and have been clear that undocumented students are an important part of our community,” Stanford College Republicans Chair Ryan Cline said in a statement. “However, Stanford cannot accept the idea that because we have legal and documented students we are somehow discriminating against the undocumented students who chose to come here as students. We need immigrants that come to our country as students and as scholars and professionals to work in our fields and, if there are any left, to become family members and our friends.”

A few days ago, Rutgers University and Yale University each issued statements supporting undocumented students, in separate statements.

In the statement on Yale’s campus, the university said, “Our goal is to ensure that all members of our community are treated with fairness and respect. As such, we fully support the undocumented students already enrolled at Yale and will continue to seek their enrollment as soon as possible.”

Stanford’s statement calls on the federal government to establish “a mechanism for providing a pathway to earned status.”

“If such a mechanism is not established immediately, the U.S. should establish incentives in the federal immigration law, such as increasing family migration options, to encourage students to come to the U.S. legally and ultimately grant them permanent status,” the statement read. “Given that such a path to permanent residence is critical to our success in the field of higher education, we will continue to advocate for this in a variety of forums to ensure that the most qualified students are admitted to our schools and the field of

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