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The Dry Season Is Over

The Dry Season Is Over

Light rain coming to Southern California, with much colder temps and mountain snow later this week. A few places where the rain will be heavy with a few inches, and in the higher elevations, near 10 or 12″ or more.

Southern California is looking much like it did at the end of the 20th century, and the first few days of 21st century. The rain will be heavier with heavier temps, but the rain will be much more persistent.

Not a lot of snow. Just a few spots where the snow will be heavy with up to 6″-7″ or more later this week.

The next few days will be the wettest we have had in 10 years.

A few spots where some rain will be heavy with up to a foot or more later in this week.

I had to add this post on my blog to remind myself that we are not in the rainy season and may have a few more days of the dry season before we get back to all that rain.

I have to admit, the weather is a major factor in my life and work. This is my second year here in Southern California, and my first year here. I am an old farm dog and have spent the last 20 years of my life on a small farm/ranch in a rural area of Southern California. I have always had summers like this. There have been years with a lot of rain, but they have always been short lived. I am just starting to think about what I can do instead of working and driving my big farm truck over to another location, only to live on another acre of land. Maybe I will try to learn all about what to do in a drought. Maybe I could learn how to raise my own grapes.

On a positive note, I found out about the “Dry” season last year. I was very interested in it, and I did some research on it. I found out that the drought is not a winter or spring drought. It is a dry season. A real drought. It is something that is happening across the country. I did not realize this until about the first of April. I did not realize it until March. Then it started to pour. Now I am finding out that the drought is now over. We are not in the “Dry” season. I am in the “Rainy Season.”

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