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The Laptop Was Stolen From Lana Del Rey

The Laptop Was Stolen From Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey says L.A. thief stole laptop with unreleased music: ‘Please don’t listen’

LOS ANGELES (FOX 11) – Lana Del Rey says that someone stole a laptop with unreleased music, as well as an iPad from her.

It happened while she was working on the music for her new album, “Born to Die,” and in between the recording sessions, the laptop was stolen.

Del Rey says the incident was a “nightmare,” and she has written a letter to the Apple store to ask them to do more to make sure that no other laptop or iPad is stolen.

“I don’t know who would have done it, and I don’t know why,” Lana Del Rey says.

“Please don’t listen,” the 29-year-old singer-songwriter says when asked if she’s concerned that her fans could be targeted.

Lana says that her computer was not the only thing stolen from her, and it’s possible that all of her electronic devices are gone.

“I didn’t see it on my laptop. I didn’t see anything like it on my hard drives,” Del Rey says.

“I have one computer, I’ve only lost one person’s laptop. I’m not going to get mad when another person has a loss. I’ve lost so many things myself. Please don’t let another person have a loss because of me.”

She says that while she understands that other people have the right to protect their personal data, the police don’t always take the necessary actions.

“The police are kind enough to just take their things and not do anything,” she says, “I don’t know why the police don’t do something about it.”

In May, a laptop stolen from a musician was recovered in Hollywood.

While in the studio during the “Born to Die” sessions, the singer was able to see the police car pull up at the front of the studio.

Lana says she was concerned and called the

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