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The MAGA Latinos Are Not Trump Supporters

The MAGA Latinos Are Not Trump Supporters

Guerrero: The rise of the MAGA Latino isn’t real, but it could be in 2024

If only we knew where the MAGA Latino stands on the issues that matter most to us here in the US — such as immigration, voter suppression, and gun violence — based on the data. This is what we do know. In 2017, he voted for the Republican Party in all but one of the 50 states. In 2018, he voted for the Democrats in all but two of the 50 states. He backed Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and he continues to see him as a friend and confidant.

Now, he is a Democrat. And his party doesn’t exist anymore, so he must be a Republican. But as we know, the Democrats are not Trump supporters just because they’re Democrats, they’re a political party, and they are not Trump supporters just because they are Democrats; they are a political party that embraces Trump, whose entire platform is a product of the radical far-Left ideology of Socialism, and which uses identity politics and open borders as a tool to divide and destroy.

Donald Trump, the man who built his political campaign on the strength of his ability to connect with a largely white and male grassroots base, is a very bad President. His policies are bad, his rhetoric is bad, the way he deals with people who are different from him or can’t conform to his values is morally bankrupt, and he is a terrible human being.

The rise of the MAGA Latino is not real, but it is possible, and it could happen as early as 2024.

If the GOP loses the 2018 midterm elections or the 2020 presidential election and goes into full civil war mode against Trump, then all bets are off for the MAGA Latinos, and they will be forced to vote for the Democratic Party. They will have no choice, because Trump won’t be re-elected, and they will have to go “all in” on the Democrats.

The current Republican Party will never lose the Senate in the midterm elections, and so we won’t see the end of their reign, as long as they are in power. This will give them at least one more decade to continue to destroy the lives of millions of Americans

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