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The Pulse: Republicans and Democrats in the New Poll

The Pulse: Republicans and Democrats in the New Poll

More voters trust GOP over Democrats to handle key issues of economy, crime, immigration: poll

(RNN) – Forty percent of registered voters polled by CNN/ORC in Ohio say they trust the Republican Party to handle the economy, vs. 36 percent who trust the Democrats. In Michigan, 43 percent say they trust Republicans over Democrats to handle immigration, while 32 percent back their Democratic peers. In North Carolina, 35 percent say they trust Republicans over Democratic lawmakers on criminal justice, while 33 percent say they trust Democrats to handle the issue. The results are a new poll from CNN/ORC and Survey USA for the March-April issue of “The Pulse.” Republicans hold majorities in both states since 2010. In Ohio, GOP candidates won 67 out of 77 counties and majorities in all but one, a city-council race in Cuyahoga County. In Michigan, Republicans held majorities in the seven counties that they won. The party also won all but one of the counties in North Carolina, where Trump won by 10 percentage points last November. Trump’s Electoral College math would have put him in a tie in North Carolina, but the state is no longer officially a battleground. In the survey, 30 percent of voters in Ohio and Michigan say that Republicans would be better off in office than Democrats since Trump took office, with 27 percent saying Democrats would be better off. But 51 percent prefer the GOP, with 23 percent saying they are equally satisfied with the two parties and the remaining 24 percent saying they’re somewhat satisfied. The Democratic candidate in Michigan is John James of the Green Party, who is running against the GOP’s John James, a popular state Representative from a heavily Democratic northern Oakland County. The results in the new survey were a reversal in the poll from July when 52 percent of voters favored Republicans over Democrats, with 33 percent saying they were satisfied with the two parties. That poll was conducted prior to the impeachment hearings of Donald Trump. The survey was conducted from March 16-25. “The Pulse” covers voters nationwide, and the results do not necessarily represent the opinions of all voters.

The poll was conducted by Survey USA

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