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The Weather Is Coming

The Weather Is Coming

Welcome to another heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures on tap for Southern California, and the humidity that goes along with it. I know that I probably could’ve used more humidity in my life. But we’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, there will be no more stories and photos about the weather in the coming days and weeks. There are enough of those already going around.

We’ve been busy too. I’ll get to that in a moment.

In the meantime, I’m happy to let you in on a little secret: We’ve hit a rough patch in the middle of the season. The weather we’re dealing with this week is the first of three consecutive weeks in which we’re likely to experience above-average temperatures through the end of the month.

We’ve reached an inflection point in the last 10 days that will make you wonder why you ever thought we’d reach this kind of milestone soon.

The average temperature around here is going to rise to a more-or-less normal level from this time through the middle of April. But it will be a cold one. We’re likely to see above-average temperatures during a few parts of the week, then a return of the cold snap in the last week or two.

Why now?

The good news is, the weather we’re having this week is the last of the six-month dry spell. The second half of May is going to bring a return to the warm side of normal.

The bad news is, we’re still in the middle of our long dry spell. While the last few months have been dry, we haven’t had a long streak of dry days for nearly eight weeks. If it keeps on going like this, we’re going to have a nice four-week period of dry weather.

We’re seeing that even in Southern California. The last nine days from the end of last week through the end of last week have been uneventful. We’ve had six consecutive days where we are averaging highs above 90 degrees in downtown L.A.

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