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Tom Malinowski is considering running for governor against Tom Kean Jr.

Tom Malinowski is considering running for governor against Tom Kean Jr.

Rep. Tom Malinowski’s Rematch With Tom Kean Jr. in N.J. Remains Undecided

N.J. Dems Seek Tom Kean Jr. To Lead Committee To Consider Health Care Reform

Former Rep. Tom Malinowski said Thursday he is considering running for New Jersey governor against Tom Kean Jr. on the Democratic ticket, after Rep. Kean endorsed current governor Jon Corzine for the GOP nod in the race, hoping to keep Corzine in the race. But despite Malinowski’s statement Thursday, the race remains in limbo.

“It would be a challenge for me to compete with (Kean) in the Democratic primary, but I’ll consider it,” said Malinowski. “I’m taking a hard look at it.”

When asked if there are two other Democrats in the race, Malinowski said, “I know one, and he just got defeated by a Republican.”

Asked if he was interested in the Democratic party ticket, Malinowski said he had not yet made a decision.

“On the Democratic ticket, we’ll meet in January and discuss,” he said.

Rep. Tom Malinowski is not yet ready to say he is running for the Democratic nomination for governor, even though Jon Corzine is in the race.

Corzine announced last week he is withdrawing from the race and endorsing Jon Corzine.

Malinowski says he has not yet made up his mind whether he will run in the Democratic party primary for governor or in the general election. Malinowski says he has not decided on a strategy yet.

This means three Democrats are in the race, although Malinowski has not said who he will be supporting in the gubernatorial race after he drops his independent candidacy: incumbent Republican Jon Corzine, former Republican Assemblyman John T. Noonan, and former Republican Assembly

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