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Why are people not going to the cooling centers?

Why are people not going to the cooling centers?

Even during record heat, surprisingly few people go to L.A. cooling centers. Why? A few reasons.

For a few thousand dollars, fans and radiators can solve the problem of “freezing up” in any room.

But a lot of people have second, third and fourth homes outside the U.S., and they really do not want their home to freeze up. If they have children they would not trust them to go out in freezing weather or to visit the hospital without the extra help.

I also do not want to be in a hotel that is unheated. (I do not like being in the same room as my cat).

If most people are reluctant to spend the money, many will not spend the money at all.

But why are L.A.’s cooling centers not packed with desperate people on holidays?

In this story, I do not want to be alarmist, but the fact is that L.A. is experiencing some of the worst, most unusual weather we have seen in a very long time.

It is not fair to draw conclusions that people are not going to the cooling centers unless you know what is happening.

On the other hand, the climate and weather in L.A. on many days are so unusual that no one would normally go to a cooling center for a vacation.

I am only showing you this because I think you should go to a cooling center to see what you are in for. And I think that you will think that I am overreacting in my conclusion and that I can prove that this is a “problem.”

First, I want to tell you what L.A. is now. The conditions are the climate of a desert.

How many other large desert cities have such a climate?

In many ways, L.A. is like one of the world’s great deserts. In the desert, heat is everywhere and it is almost impossible to find a shelter.

A place like this is called “Desertification Desert.” You can find desert anywhere – like the Sahara.

The temperature in L.A. is at least a dozen degrees higher than that in the desert.

The average daily temperature in L.A. over the last three months, according to the Weather

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